Sustainable favorites for a good night

Sustainability in the fashion industry is becoming increasingly important and consumers are placing more value on environmentally friendly and ethically produced clothing. There are many reasons why clothes made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton or modal are better. These materials are manufactured in a way that minimizes resource consumption and negative environmental impact. Additionally, producing organic cotton without pesticides and other harmful chemicals is better for the health of farmers and their families.

Yellamaris is committed to offering environmentally friendly sleepwear and homewear that is produced under fair conditions. The materials used are certified, meaning they meet the highest standards for sustainability and environmental protection. In addition, the workers who make these clothes are treated fairly and receive a fair wage for their work. By working exclusively with European companies, we promote short paths that bring us closer to the goal of climate-neutral production. Unlike many large fashion companies, we stand for a strict avoidance of overproduction and destruction of surplus material.

By purchasing eco-friendly sleepwear and homewear from Yellamaris, our customers can be assured that they are not only purchasing comfortably and stylishly, but also environmentally consciously and ethically . By choosing eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing, we are all helping to reduce the fashion industry's environmental impact .

Healthy sleep in organic cotton

Sustainable fashion made from organic cotton is not only environmentally friendly , but also skin-friendly and durable . Compared to conventional cotton, the production of organic cotton requires less water and energy, helping to reduce the environmental footprint . Additionally, organic cotton garments are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides used in the production of conventional cotton. This makes organic cotton clothing hypoallergenic , making it particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin . Additionally, purchasing organic cotton clothing supports fairer working conditions for farmers and workers along the supply chain by paying a fair price for the raw materials. Overall, using organic cotton as a sustainable material offers many environmental and social benefits .

The most beautiful homewear for cozy hours at home

Homewear is a broad term, but what exactly does it mean? We consider homewear or loungewear to be everything you need for relaxed and cozy hours at home. This doesn't always have to be the classic sweatpants, because the definition of homewear is very versatile: For example, jersey dresses that can be worn both as warm nightwear and as loungewear, soft knitted pants or fluffy coats that are stylish enough for an autumn walk. In beautiful modal dresses combined with a fleece jacket or leggings, you can open the door without feeling guilty and then snuggle up on the sofa again. Who doesn't dream of a relaxing weekend without constantly changing clothes?

The right nightwear for every season: the materials matter!

Long-sleeved pajamas and nightgowns made of cotton jersey or modal are suitable for spring, when cold nights still dominate, as they ensure the right skin temperature thanks to their heat-regulating properties. This means they compensate for temperature differences very well in months with unstable weather. Fresh colors make you want spring and drive away the winter blues.

On hot summer days , it's best to sleep in short sleepshirts or pajama sets made of micromodal, as the material is light and airy and hardly noticeable. Alternatively, we recommend pajamas and nightgowns made from lightweight cotton jersey with a loose fit for good air circulation, preventing overheating and sweating during the night. Pure cotton can absorb moisture well and ensures a pleasant, dry feeling on the skin, perfect conditions for a restful sleep. Our high-quality fabrics withstand many washes and frequent changes without any problems. Light and comfortable clothes are not only good for the night, but also a great idea for the garden, beach and leisure time. Loose fits allow freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear thanks to breathable materials.

In autumn and winter you can snuggle up in cozy homewear , for example fluffy fleece coats, terry coats or cozy wool jackets . A nightdress or pajamas made of soft flannel and soft organic cotton are also a good choice, as cotton has perfect wearing properties in terms of warmth and moisture retention. If you don't like it that warm, you're well advised to wear comfortable pajama bottoms combined with a long-sleeved modal shirt.

In addition to the choice of materials, it is also important that pajamas or nightgowns fit comfortably and appropriately. Loose fits and elastic cuffs offer greater freedom of movement and increase comfort. Yellamaris offers a wide range of high-quality sleepwear and homewear made from selected materials in fashionable cuts that are both comfortable and stylish.

The right sleeping outfit for every taste

Regardless of whether you want a casual or elegant look, there is a suitable outfit for every taste for the night. For a casual look, basics in uncomplicated designs that can be easily combined are suitable. If you prefer something elegant, you can choose pajamas or sleepshirts in luxurious fabrics such as modal or viscose . Yellamaris offers a wide range of airy nightwear , dresses and homewear to suit every taste and style.

The right pajamas for different figure types:

Just like in fashion, there are different cuts and shapes in nightwear that are particularly flattering to your body type . Here we would like to introduce you to the four most common figure types:

The A-figure has narrow shoulders and a narrow, often shorter upper body. Hips, buttocks and thighs are stronger and appear dominant. Shirts with larger V-necks or deep crew necks made of cotton jersey look very good on this feminine figure. A-line dresses perfectly balance the difference between the upper and lower body. Patterned tops emphasize the narrow parts of the body, while simple trousers in solid colors calm the lower body. A-types are very good at emphasizing the arms and shoulders, for example with puffed sleeves or ruffles.

It's exactly the other way around with the V-type : the shoulders are rather broad compared to the hips, while the middle of the body and the legs are straight and slim. Here it is important to emphasize the beautiful and often long legs with slim trousers or short dresses made of cotton, viscose or modal. Boat necklines or puffed sleeves are a no-go, as they emphasize the shoulders even more. Suitable neck shapes for a V-figure are shirts and nightgowns with a round neck or a V-neck, e.g. B. made of elastic micromodal or cotton jersey. Buttoned pajamas and blouses with collars make the shoulders appear narrower. Ruffles or lace in the neckline emphasize the cleavage and draw the eye away from the shoulders.

Another very feminine figure is the X-figure or “hourglass”. Here the narrowest part is the waist, while the upper body or chest and hips have great curves. The big advantage of this figure is that the upper and lower body usually have the same clothing size. This makes buying pajama sets or bikinis easy! The hourglass does itself a great favor by emphasizing the waist, be it with fitted tops and blouses or tight-fitting dresses . Pajama sets are recommended for sleeping, as loose nightgowns would hide the advantages of this figure. Slim-cut tops, for example made of soft modal in combination with comfortable pajama bottoms or shorts, are a good choice. If it is supposed to be a night dress , tiered dresses with spaghetti straps or models with a gentle waistline are ideal.

The H-figure , also known as the “column figure”, has hardly any difference between shoulder and hip width, the waist is straight or not very developed. Casual looks such as men's shirt-style nightgowns , oversized linen blouses or wide, loose sleepshirts made of cotton or modal look great on this body type. The usually straight and slim legs can be perfectly emphasized by short dresses and shirt blouses . Hipsters with side pockets in casual cuts can also look great. The important thing is not to emphasize the missing waist , but rather to draw attention to the clear strengths: a casual, relaxed look!

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